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Neenah Luxury Boudoir Studio

June 26, 2020

Neenah Luxury Boudoir Studio

Welcome to the new home of Boudoir by Colleen!! The 2020 year has proven itself a worthy opponent. But nevertheless, we’ve got this!

I was extremely excited when I moved into my studio in 2019. I love love loved the space so much but some of the rooms were a bit odd and went unused. But the moment this particular unit opened up – I made a mad dash for it. Not only was it PERFECT for what I wanted, but it had a lot more privacy and offered a more customizable layout. I’m thrilled to have the doors open to this space and cannot wait to see all the beautiful women that will be holding their empowerment sessions with me in my little boutique boudoir studio in downtown Neenah.

So What’s Boudoir by Colleen?

It started over ten years ago when I was only just beginning my photography journey. I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do but I did know that I wanted to document brave and confident women. Little did I know then, that it would turn into me seeking out all brave and confident women in all aspects of my life. From boudoir clients to brides to mentors and more.

At Boudoir by Colleen, I help to provide all my ladies with an entirely inclusive client closet. Yeah, you read that correctly.


I’ve been on the hunt for over a year now for beautiful pieces from sizes XS to 4X. I absolutely want all my ladies to feel wanted and comfortable in our safe space where beauty doesn’t have a number. I’ve been empowering women through this art of photography since 2010 and it’s been an honor every step of the way. Every day I grow as a person, a woman, a mother, a fellow woman. And with that, I strive to always make sure that no woman ever feels less than the amazing person they are.

So please – welcome to the Boudoir by Colleen Luxury Boudoir Studio. I invite you to be my friend, to love yourself, to see yourself for that brave person you already are. Let’s pull back the curtain and show what it’s like to be unapologetically beautiful.

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