Rising Tide Society Leader’s Retreat Day Two

January 25, 2017

Day two of the Rising Tide Society’s Leader Retreat was amazing!! And when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it just does…over and over again!!!

Just a quick reminder for those that aren’t fully aware. The Rising Tide Society is a group of creative entrepreneurs that gather together on Tuesday’s (aka Tuesdays Together) in the spirit of community over competition. The aim is to help make the community a better place through lifting each other up and educating through openness and sharing.

I am lucky enough to lead the group in Appleton and just in the nick of time, to attend this year’s leader’s retreat at Honeybook’s home town of San Francisco!!! This was a filled day with sharing the stories that everyone is afraid to share. To be vulnerable and be okay with it. To allow others to speak up and have a voice that may not have had an opportunity otherwise.

When I signed up for the leader’s retreat, I placed information about my past experience in the military and that of my efforts with the Appleton Area Jaycees. Little did I know that the RTS team would take my writing and decide that they wanted to know more. And so, I was granted an opportunity to speak and educate fellow leaders and creative individuals in our group. And even though I’d spoken in crowds plenty of times; this time felt different. I really felt as though I could really contribute and I was SO nervous, mostly nervous that what I had to give back wasn’t enough. That I wanted to give more and be more, but didn’t know how or maybe what I was giving wasn’t enough because gosh….these amazing group of leaders deserve SO much!!! But hey, I made it through and I am so thankful for the opportunity to help where I could in a community of creatives that I love and support!!

The day was filled with workshops, emotions, and a fantastic dinner in the Pier 39 area in San Fran!!! I am filled…both heart and tummy. I loved all of it and cannot wait to come back home and start inspiring our community members to do more, be more, and learn more!

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