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Boudoir Message for Men and Women too

March 7, 2019

Boudoir Message for Men

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been or are currently with a woman that is lacking self confidence even though you believe her to be the most beautiful woman in the world? Have you had to sit there and listen to her talk about how she is unhappy about her body and image, YET you absolutely adore and love her no matter what??

Well — guess what. This is a boudoir message for you. (or just A message) Women may be looking for some encouragement from their partners but even moreso, they are sometimes looking for permission to do something completely for themselves. When women start thinking about doing a boudoir session to empower themselves and love their bodies — they are also hoping to do it for you too. But sometimes the hesitation is there. Sometimes they doubt that even if they do this wonderful transformational experience – that somehow, in the height of it all and the positivity and in all it’s goodness — it won’t be enough for their partner, for themselves or will be disapproved in some way. Then that dark stormy cloud sets in.


You know you absolutely love that woman. You know she is damn well pretty and beautiful and smart and all the things that make you love her. And perhaps telling her isn’t enough, but actions speak louder than words. Perhaps it takes you initiating or recommending that she does something for herself. That she takes on a life changing experience that can forever follow her and bring her joy and make her exude confidence. And show that you are fully supportive of her drive to become the exact person you already see in her. Can you do that? Can you support her and be in it with her? And no, this doesn’t mean that you must do a couples boudoir session or toss boudoir photos in her face. But just keep and open mind and ask yourself, “how can I best support her to be the best self?”.

Not a Message for All

To be fair, I understand this is not a message for all. I speak this message based off my own personal experiences and from those I’ve witnessed and seen over the course of my life thus far. I have met some absolutely phenomenal women that are just killin’ it. But I’ve also met some absolutely phenomenal women who doubt themselves. Who are not content or confident in their own skin. I’ve met men that are also in the same boat. Men that don’t feel they are at their best. Men that don’t think they are confident enough to share in the experience with their partner. It does go both ways but we can change that. Let’s start placing value on self worth and emotional stability. Let’s start placing value on human connection and intimacy. At some point, we stopped valuing all the things that make us human. Let’s bring it back!

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