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neenah boudoir photographer

Neenah Boudoir Photographer | Boudoir by Colleen

March 7, 2019

Neenah Boudoir Photographer

Since 2010, I’ve been striving to serve women all over the state of Wisconsin and my local area through powerful boudoir photography. Empowering women and relationships to such a level of confidence and love is so close to my heart. Neenah Boudoir Photographer? Yep, that’s me.

Growing up in this world, finding a husband and becoming a mother has left quite a mark. Changes in life happen so slowly that we don’t realize that we are changing. We fall into a trap and forget that we are still us. Still women at the end of the day. Just people that love and care and make waves in this world. Don’t forget just how astonishing we are. Nor how beautiful our bodies are and how much we can love ourselves.

Based in Neenah, I love being a boudoir photographer. I started boudoir photography in my Neenah home — moved it to become an appleton boudoir photographer when I had a space there — and now I’m back and grounded in Neenah. Wisconsin is my perfect place, and Neenah is my home. I love being in the same city I live in and I love that neither Milwaukee or Appleton/Green Bay are all that far away from me.

Boutique Boudoir Studio | Neenah Boudoir Photographer

No more packing, unpacking, and repacking. No more added rental or hotel fees. After spending nearly 10 years back and forth between places, this was the answer. Just an absolutely stunning boudoir studio in the heart of downtown Neenah. A true place to call my own and serve my boudoir clients to the absolute best that they deserve. Take a virtual tour of the space before it’s finished. From the first day I stepped into it to now. I will continuously be improving the space and making it more unique and beautiful. So make sure you keep up with all the fun in the Boudoir VIP Facebook Group or on Instagram.

neenah boudoir photographer, appleton boudoir photographer

What Boudoir Offerings are at the Studio?

Boudoir | Neenah Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir for the ladies and Couples Boudoir for couples in love. Additionally, I do offer glamour portrait sessions. These are for all women. I believe that all three of my offerings are beneficial to all people that want to live up the lives they dream of and want to exude confidence. All boudoir & glamour sessions held at the studio include professional hair and makeup. No need to mess with trying to get it all together. You are busy! So just relax and let me handle these things.

After an hour and some change of photographing your beautiful self, we get to return to the studio weeks later for an unveiling to see all the stunning images. This is my favorite part!! Boudoir photography is such a powerful tool for women to find themselves again and truly love their skin.

Couples Boudoir | Neenah Boudoir Photographer

Couples boudoir is something near and dear to me. For a long time I used to get weirded out by the idea. But after time and maturity, I’ve realized that it’s a gift for your relationship. And sometimes, an absolutely much needed gift. As a couple, you go through so many challenges in life together. Some that are small and some that are life altering. Choosing to stay together and rough it through the tough times is a prize in itself. However, my goal as your couples boudoir photographer; is to see that you don’t forget your deep intimacy and love for each other despite the struggles and bumps along the way.

Spend the afternoon rekindling your relationship and bringing everything back to the basics. From how it felt to love each other for the first time to the last passionate kiss you shared. Feel it all and love each other whole heartedly.

What Style of Boudoir is Offered?

There are so many styles of boudoir photography much like there are other forms of photography. I choose a bold & intimate style of boudoir photography. This style really demands the attention of raw emotion that we deserve to see and feel. As much as I love a soft and playful look, I’ve realized that we need that boldness. Boldness is who we are and that absolute conviction is what will lift our confidence to a whole different level. Intimate is such an important part. Loving yourself and your partner in the most intimate and primitive way is to really allow yourself to be vulnerable. That ability to be vulnerable is your true strength and confidence builder.

With vulnerability at this level, it’s not a surprise that few are jumping to share their images. Although sharing feedback and words of support are there, I always support my ladies and couples that wish to keep their images private.

Schedule a Visit

If you would love to schedule a visit, feel free to pop onto my website and send me a note. I love having visitors and even moreso, love empowering women and couples. My boutique Neenah Boudoir Studio is a perfect location to let loose and be fully yourself. Always leave any bad vibes at the door and prepare to smile and be happy from start to finish. And if I’ve done my job correctly, there is no expiration on how much you’ll love and feel loved from your experience here.

You can find me inside Marketplace in Downtown Neenah just on the backside of Timshel Cafe. Grab a latte and meet me there!

Boudoir by Colleen

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