Neenah Boudoir Photographer | Kaitlin

March 29, 2019

Neenah Boudoir Photographer with Kaitlin

Firstly — this girl is beautiful!!! I so loved her session. No joke. I think one of the things that stood out for me was that Kaitlin had never really been pampered before. So getting her hair and makeup done and feeling like a queen was new. And I am so insanely honored I got to help give her this amazing experience. I loved how her images turned out and she is just such a beautiful person in side and out.

I think we can often forget that we are people…beautiful people. We somehow start to discount who we are or if we are up to par. But in the end, we are perfectly up to par. And then some! Don’t be afraid to show yourself. Show your beauty inside and out and be damn proud of it!!

This is the very reason by boudoir photography was my first love when it came to photography and still remains so. Even in the darkest times where I wanted to give up; it was the empowerment that I helped these women feel that brought me back. How can a person give up on something like that? Well…clearly, not me. I cannot wait to show so much more in my brand new downtown Neenah Boudoir Studio coming this Spring!

Hair and Makeup: Jillian Dawson Makeup Artistry

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