It’s no secret that I love Norway. It might be a secret that I don’t particularly love hiking though. LOL. So why the heck would I write about hiking in Norway you may ask? Simple enough, you can’t see the amazing locations that you really want to without a little bit of work. Or…if you […]

The story of this dress is still to come. But until then, I want to share how I met Elizabeth and how this came to be. In the days leading up to my travels, I was running low on leads on who I would be able to photograph in the city of love. Well, I […]

Ahhh….the last chapter of my Paris trip!!! AND it ends with London and a final day in Paris. Day Four – what was I up to? Day Four was a really really really early day as I needed to be up for another photo session. And everyone knows that if you want a photo session […]

Paris – The Beginning How do I even begin?!!?!? This trip was amazing and I am so fortunate to have traveled with my girlfriends Alyssa and Shaunae along with her sister Bre. We started with heading down to Chicago O’Hare for our flight. It wasn’t even a long drive because we were all so excited […]

I’ve planned a few trips in my time and as I’m in the midst of planning my next adventure back across the pond to Paris, I realized that there is SO much that goes into planning your trip. Whether it be your honeymoon, a family vacation, a babymoon, or simply an excuse to be adventurous, […]

Today I just wanted to show a sneak peek of our mini session with our Wanderlust Woman Instagram Winner from last month!!! Stay tuned to see more. I’m so excited to share these images. This girl rocks and I loved photographing her!

I am so excited to announce our winner for the Instagram giveaway for the month of March. But I have to say, I am SO impressed with all the stories and really wanted to share some of these great adventures with everyone today. You’ll have to tune in on Instagram to find the winner by watching […]

ANNOUNCING PARIS TRAVELS THIS SPRING — with my KREATIV WORKSHOP cohorts!!! I could not be more excited to return to this great city!!! Full of art, yummy food, and an ambiance that is to die for! I am so grateful for my two closest friends that have really made a huge impact on my life. […]

Where there’s a will, there’s a way | CLM Wanderlust Series Let me share a story about this phrase above. A number of years ago, my husband and I took a trip to Norway. I had seen all these amazing images of Norway and thought to myself, wow, how beautiful are these locations. Not really […]