Fika Tea Bar For several years now, myself and Alyssa have been running around circles trying to find a way to really work together. Sure, we collaborated on many things but never as a single unit. Every time we got together, we would hatch out master plans for new business ventures. Sadly though, nothing ever […]

Appleton Foodie | Wildflower Pizzeria As soon as I stepped inside this place, I was SO THANKFUL that I had my camera with me!! I’m a big foodie for sure and absolutely love love love trying new restaurants and checking out new menu items at my favorites and more. So when my friend Emilie suggested […]

One of my favorite pass times is eating. Which I know….I’m not the only one in that boat. Which is why when I saw that Tempest was adding this fresh number, I absolutely had to try it. The Matcha Waffles were amazing. And you’d think it would be overpowering…the flavor of Matcha but it really […]